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Glass Repair

Increase Profit By Up To $50 Per Repair Order.

Repair bull's-eyes, star breaks, cracks and combination breaks in-house to reduce your cost of glass repair and increase Customer Pay Labor and parts. The WURTH USA glass repair kit includes a step-by-step training video.

Windshield Repair Kit Features

  • Double-sided case holds all tools, equipment and supplies
  • Easy plunger automatic injector system
  • Bridge assembly adjusts vertically and horizontally
  • Special vaccum cup keeps the injector tightly fitted to the glass
  • One-shot repair resins
  • Each kit is ready to make 20 repairs
Glass Repair Kit


  • Buses
  • Trucks
  • Automotive
  • Fleet Vehicles
  • Commercial Applications
  • Store Front Windows
  • Industrial Doorways

For more information, contact your WURTH Sales Rep or call 800-987-8487.