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Why Choose 316(A4) Stainless?

Type 316(A4) Stainless is highly resistant to corrision from chlorides (like sea water and de-icing salts). A4 grade is austenitic, non-magnetic and carry all benefits of it's counterpart 304(A2) Stainless BUT with the the added advantage of molybdenum, increasing the corrosion resistance to withstand many industrial chemicals and solvents making 316(A4) Stainless a worthy investment.

Often called Marine Grade Stainless Steel, Wurth USA now offers a wide selection of 316 (A4) Stainless products ranging from cap screws to TEK screws, machine screws, washers and a variety of nuts available in standard sizing and metric. Committed to quality and affordability, Wurth USA's line of 316(A4) Stainless products come at a price point that is often times lower than the inferior 304(A2) Stainless.

Chemicals Type 316
Carbon 0.08% max
Manganese 2.00% max
Phosphorus 0.045% max
Sulfur 0.030% max
Silicon 1.00% max
Chromium 16.00% - 18.00%
Nickel 10.00% - 14.00%
Molybdenum 2.00% - 3.00%

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