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Wurth USA

Product Launches


UV Leak Detector LED Pen Light

Powerful UV LED Pen Light is the perfect leak finder! The lights compact size and high intensity is ideal for use in the tightest and hardest to reach places. Allows for quick and easy detection of leaks in any vehicle!


• Easily toggle between UV Light and spotlight with a single button

• Ultra-slim design for confined work areas

• Handy pocket pen size is easy to use, store and transport

• Strong magnet on pocket clip

• Lightweight

• Impact-resistant ABS housing with polycarbonate clip and lens resists breakage

• Operates on 2AAA batteries (included)


Multi Sprayer (UBS Gun)

For applying solvent- and water-based stone chip protection, underbody seal and cavity sealing products.


Material - Aluminum/Brass

Color - Black

Min. Working Pressure - 4 Bar

Max. Working Pressure - 8 Bar


10 Loop Hose Clamp Rack

Sturdy, Durable, Solid a much better design for shops. Can be hung or stand alone. Made out of steel.


Ranger Dual Adhesive WW Roll


• Silver or black powder-coated surface helps eliminate corrosion and staining of expensive wheels

• Quick-Peel™ liner for trouble-free use.

• Designed to have same fit, function & look as OEM weights. Narrow profile contours easier to OEM wheel shapes

• Lead-free, steel construction has less impact on the environment Slender profile and out-of-sight mounting capability enhance the looks of any wheel

• Low-profile design for increased clearance of close proximity calipers or brake components

Ranger Adhesive Wheel Weights on a Roll Silver
Ranger Adhesive Wheel Weights on a Roll Black

Ranger Dual Adhesive WW Roll


• Color: Silver/Black/Silver and Black

• Count: 700pc Single Roll or 1,400pc Dual Roll

• Weight: .25 oz.

• Width: 1/2” (13 mm)

• Roll Weight: 11 lbs. (5kg) Single Roll or 22 lbs. (10 kg) Dual Roll

Ranger Dual Adhesive Wheel Weights on a Roll Silver and Black




• Durable PVC liquid-resistant work boot provides a comfort fit

• Electric Hazard Protection (EH Rated): Equipped with electric shock resistant soles and heels, capable of withstanding 18,000 volts

• Steel toe meets ASTM F-2413 standards bearing a class 75 rating

• Superior SFC slip-resistant outsole provides slip resistance

• Built-in and patented clog resistance outsole allows for easy cleaning after tough tasks

new oem assortments

Ford OEM Hardware Assortment 710 pieces

Ford OEM Hardware Assortment 710 pieces

Ford OEM Assortment 560pc

The Ford OEM assortment contains 560 pieces of the most commonly used clips and fasteners being used in the repair of Ford vehicles.

GM Hardware OEM Assortment 670pc

The GM Hardware OEM assortment contains 670 pieces of the most commonly used fasteners currently being used in the repair of GM vehicles.

GM OEM Clip Assortment 685pc

The GM Clip OEM assortment contains 685 pieces of the most commonly used clips being used in the repair of GM vehicles.

Mopar OEM Clip Assortment 450 Pieces

Mopar OEM Clip Assortment 450 Pieces

Kia and Hyundai OEM Clip Assortment 230 pieces

Kia and Hyundai OEM Clip Assortment 230 pieces

Honda OEM Assortment 332pc

The Honda OEM assortment contains 330 pieces of the most commonly used clips and fasteners being used in the repair of Honda vehicles.

Nissan OEM Assortment 215pc

The Nissan OEM assortment contains 215 pieces of the most commonly used clips and fasteners being used in the repair of Nissan vehicles.

Toyota OEM Assortment 295pc

The Toyota OEM assortment contains 295 pieces of the most commonly used clips and fasteners being used in the repair of Toyota vehicles.

New Glass Cleaner

Penray Foaming Glass Cleaner aerosol 19 oz.
$8.180 MOQ 6

Penray Foaming Glass Cleaner is a nonammoniated, professional, formulation. It is non-streaking; no hazing or smearing and leaves no residue or film. This safe and easy to use cleaner dissolves smudges, film, scum, smears, bugs and other soil.

Adhesive Wheel Weights

Quk Stick Stl Roll 0.25oz 1280 PC 1 ROLL

The new Quickstik Steel Adhesive Wheel Weights On A Roll are a low profile wheel weight that features an aftermarket optimized coating for corrosion protection. These weights are ideal for almost every balancing application. The weights have a strong adhesive backing that will adhere to almost all surfaces. These weights can be use on steel and aluminum rims. Types of vehicles that can they can be balanced on are Cars, Trucks, Vans, Suv’s, Fleet vehicles, Medium Duty trucks.

New Fuse Assortment

Mini 32 Volt Fuse Assortment With Fuse Puller

Mini 32 Volt Fuse Assortment With Fuse Puller

New Cleaners

Circuit Board Cleaner SW
$24.355 MOQ 2

Circuit Board Cleaner SW is a fast drying, nonconductive formula, which leaves no residue and is safe for use on plastics, rubber and metal. This product’s blasting spray easily cleans oil, dirt, flux and other contaminates from printed circuit boards. Can be used as a special spray – rinse for removing oxide and sulphide layers loosened by Contact Cleaner OL.

Contact Cleaner OL
$19.983 MOQ 2

Contact Cleaner OL is formulated for improved cleaning and moisture displacement. Contact Cleaner OL is an electronic cleaner, which will remove dirt, moisture, dust, flux, and oxides from the internal components and contacts of electronic devices, which include radios, compact disc players, DVD players and computer circuit boards. Leaves a protective antioxidation film behind.

Nitrile Gloves

Starting at 8.99/box

These gloves are made from premium weight nitrile and are resistant to many petroleum-based chemicals. The glove has a comfort fit and the texture ensures a secure grip in wet or dry conditions! Black gloves provide a professional appearance and conceal dirt, grease and grime.

Tire Paste

Murphy's Tire Paste 8lb pailS

Murphy's Original Concentrated Tire and Tube Mounting Compound is designed to assist in mounting rubber tires and tubes on all types of wheels. It is fortified with rust inhibitors to provide protection against wheel corrosion. Murphy's mild formula is worker friendly. Murphy's Tire and Tube Mounting Compound is a thick, vegetable based lubricant. Murphy's can be used in its concentrated form or diluted in water (3-4 parts water, 1 part Murphy's).

Disposable Coveralls

Disposable Protective Coveralls - Pro 5/6
$4.500 - MOQ 5

Comfort fit and lightweight design. Excellent protection against dirt, dust, liquid splashes and moisture. Ideal for use in nonhazardous environments.


Hydro-Spun Wipes - 16.5 Inches x 9 Inches - 126 Per Box

Hydrospun Wipes are a clean and dependable alternative to cotton rags or towels. This multipurpose wipe is ideal for everyday tasks including surface prep, wiping hand tools, machinery or equipment. The wipes work well with both water and oil-based fluids!


Tire Bag - Standard - 39 Inch x 44 Inch - 250 Per Roll

Easily transport or store tires that are not in use. Ideal for covering spare or seasonal tires during the off-season!


Long lasting and high-powered batteries manufactured for industrial or digital markets


• Battery power for energy-intensive applications

• Long lasting performance plus leakage protection

• Highly recommended for devices with a high current requirement

• Longer operating times and up to 50% more power

• Very low self-discharge with shelf life of five years

• Practical packaging designed for dual use as a counter display


• Useful sales tips included on the back of packaging of counter display

• Various applications per product

• Mercury and cadmium free


Reliable and efficient power with long lasting shelf life manufactured for any market


• Only minor auto discharging

• Can be used in large temperature range

• High system voltage

• Long shelf life: for lithium cells > 5 years


• Pedometers, calorie counters, stopwatches, heart rate monitors, digital clinical thermometers, toys and games, electronic books, pocket calculators/PDAs, electronic scales, car alarm systems, watches, pet collars, laser pointers

High Temperature Grease

High Temperature Red Grease 14 oz cartridge
$9.290 MOQ 10

The Mystik® JT6 Hi-Temp Multi-Purpose Grease No 2 is a premium quality multi-purpose grease that provides exceptional service, Outstanding anti-wear and extreme pressure protection. Water resistant provides protection against corrosion. This lithium-complex grease combines excellent multi-purpose properties with a high dropping point and low-temperature pump-ability that provides a wide operating temperature range. Superior protection for a wide variety of automotive, agricultural, trucking, mining, construction and industrial equipment. Meets the highest performance categories of ASTM D 4950 Automotive Grease Classification, GC for Wheel Bearing Service and LB for chassis service.


Body Protection Wax Black

The Body Protection Wax is a black Non Paintable underbody, solvent based wax coating for optimal corrosion protection for areas at risk of corrosion. Use for supplementing and retreating all kinds of protective coatings and wax based underbody treatments based on PVC, rubber-resin and bitumen. Very well suited for treating plain metal surfaces.


Spray Contact Adhesive 22 fl.oz. aerosol
$26.990 MOQ: 2

Spray Contact Adhesive is a very aggressive high tack adhesive cement that gives excellent results on a wide range of materials, such as; leather, cloth, cardboard, most plastics, headliner layers, foam, metals and wood. Bonds porous substrates while maintaining a high level of tack.


FROM $19.99

These gloves are made from heavy – duty industrial latex and are ideal for any job. The latex easily conforms to the contour of your hand providing a comfort fit and excellent dexterity! The gloves are powder-free, so they leave no residue, reducing the risk of contamination compared to powdered gloves.

Quick Seam Sealers


rescue hook

Rescue Hook - EV Insulated, 2 Meters Length

Safety Rescue Hook 45kV This rescue hook is designed to recover victims of electrocution and safeguard the life of the first aider. 1.65m in length, this rescue hook is made from durable resin polyester/glass fiber tube attached to a hook. The hook should be placed in a prominent area and easily accessible position near to the “live” site.



Wurth USA and Permatex have partnered to offer our customers the most complete line of chemicals.


$17.99 - $19.99

These gloves are made from 100% heavy-duty nitrile that is resistant to rips, tears, punctures, and many petroleum-based chemicals. The raised diamond texture ensures incredible grip-action, whether the gloves are wet or dry! The bold, highly visible orange color improves safety.


LEAK TRACING POWDER aerosol net 7.5oz

An aerosolized tracing powder & solvent solution. Locates: wind, water and dust leaks easily. Finds leaks around glass, doors, trunks, hatchbacks, body seams, and other areas where gaps or incomplete contact of weatherstrip occurs. Using Leak Tracing Powder is also a fast method of locating oil, transmission and other fluid leaks.


Double Seal Valve Cap
$1.150 MOQ: 50

The Double Seal flow-through valve cap is designed for high pressure truck tire service. Seals like a high pressure valve cap, yet offers the convenience of inflate through extensions. It also performs like a check valve- the seal becomes tighter in the event of a core failure. The Double Seal valve cap consists of a tough, all metal housing, precision fit brass components and durable self-sealing O-ring.


112 Piece Master Electrician Insulated Tools Set In Rolling Hard Case

This 112 piece set includes an 80 piece insulated rolling carry case plus 32 insulated ring wrenches (inch ¼” – 1 ¼”) and metric (8mm to 32mm). This set is ideal for automotive, MRO and job site solution for insulated tools.


ErgoPower Rechargeable LED Headlamp With Sensor

Easily illuminates poorly lit areas with convenient hands–free operation. Ideal for vehicle repairs, paint matching, dimly lit areas, including: wheel wells…engine bays…inside a fender and more! The headlamp is rechargable and features a motion sensor switch that controls the light with the wave of a hand. It's the perfect light for every tool box!

ErgoPower LED Mini Flood Work Light

Compact and lightweight design. The LED mini flood light is rechargeable and portable ... it brings ultra-bright light to any work area!

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