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14 Ounce Tire and Wheel Balancing Beads
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14 Ounce Tire and Wheel Balancing Beads

Wheels are a rotating mass that is made up of several parts that can weigh hundreds of pounds. All together all of these parts and their imperfections without balancing the complete wheel assembly can lead to mechanical repairs, tire expenses and fuel loss. The vibrational forces created by an out of balance wheel assembly damages more than just tires. Over time it is a predominant factor for loosening U-bolts, wheel lugs, maxi booster clamps and torque rod bolts. When you balance a tire using conventional wheel weights you are only balancing the rim and the tire, you are not balancing the brake drum, rotor or axle. These parts are not made perfectly balanced and wear unevenly. Withour wheel balancing beads you can balance the complete wheel assembly.

  • Replaces standard lead wheel weights
  • Better for the environment, as lead weights often falls off 
  • Safer for technicians 
  • Extends tire life
  • Even tread wear
  • Balances complete axle and wheel assembly
  • Improves fuel economy
  • Reduces vibration
  • TPMS Compatible 
  • Wurth USA offers an injection pump that attaches to shop air supply and will pump in the beads in a matter of minutes. 



  • Glass beads are coated to resist the effects of moisture or tire lube
  • Won’t clump 
  • Contains no powders
  • TPMS Compatible
  • Allows the use of an Air Blaster
  • Will not react with any known chemicals




  • For use with all tubeless and tube-type tires
  • Use on all wheel positions • Replaces standard lead wheel weights
  • Better for the environment, as lead weights often falls off
  • Safer for technicians 
  • Continually readjusts to the balancing point of the wheel 
  • Decreased tire wear
  • Increased tire foot traction improving handling
  • Reduced rolling resistance leading to increased fuel efficiency 
  • Prolonged life of wheel assembly parts by cutting down on wear and tear due to excessive vibrations
  • No dust or dust related problems such as clumping or valve leaks 
  • Increased fuel economy 
  • Will not contaminate the bead seating area

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