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ECO Super Spray All 1 L Spray Pump
Article Number:089090901 SDS
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ECO Super Spray All



1L Spray Pump

Physical Properties

Appearance: Clear Liquid
Odor: Mild Odor
pH: 11.04+/-0.5
Freezing Point:<32˚F (0˚C)
Boiling Point: 212˚F (100˚C)
Solubility in Water: Soluble 

ECO Super Spray All is a highly effective multi-purpose cleaner.  It quickly and easily removes a variety of dirt, grease and general soils.  Ideal for use on hard surfaces inlcuding vinyl, painted metal, porcelain, fiberglass and plastic.


• Quick and easy to use on any washable surface
• Ready-to-use formula ideal for general purpose cleaning
• Removes a variety of grease, dirt and general oils
• Takes off what others leave on
•Meets all low VOC requirements
• Excellent spot remover
• Ideal for auto, boat and industry
• For use on hard surfaces including vinyl, painted metal, porcelain, fiberglass and plastic



50 State Compliant


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