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ECO Cargo Truck & Bus Wash 4 Liter
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ECO Cargo Wash


4L Bottle


Odor: None, pH: 8, Cleaning Ability: Excellent, Non-streaking:Yes, Dirt Penetration: Excellent, Soil Suspension Properties: Excellent, Residue: No Sticky Film, Storage Stability: Minimum 1 year

Mix Ratio

1:50 - Heavy Duty Cleaning, 1:100 - Light Cleaning

Concentrated free rinsing vehicle wash and wax.

ECO Cargo Wash contains new surfactant technology that provides incredible wash and rinse free results. Shines, protects and prevents oxidation - ECO Cargo Wash provides a brilliant shine and is completely compatible with clearcoat finishes.
Unlike other cargo cleaning products, ECO Cargo Wash has a unique sudsing profile that prevents residual buildup of detergent. When rinsed, ECO Cargo Wash -sheets off-, with no beading of water that causes spotting - it dries instantly to a brilliant shine.

- Eco-Logo Certified
- New Surfactant technology
- Biodegradable
- Phosphate free
- Sheets off leaving a brilliant shine
- Dries instantly
- Compatible with clearcoat finishes
- Protects and prevents oxidation
- No hazy after-film

- Safe on all vehicles
- Use with manual, power wash or automatic car washes


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