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Diesel Moisture Remover & Emergency Degeller 1 Quart
Article Number:0893000254 SDS
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Diesel Moisture Remover & Emergency Degeller


1 qt. Can


Appearance: Clear and Bright, Specific Gravity @ 15.6/15.6 C: 0.8597, Weight per Gallon: 7.16, Pour Point- C: <-50, Flash Point- C: 142, Sulfur- PPM: 0

Diesel Moisture Remover & Emergency Degeller is formulated to be used as a preventative maintenance against moisture buildup in tanks and as an emergency additive to dissolve gelled fuel.

Performance Features
- Liquifies gelled fuel
- Removes water from the fuel system
- Lowers the freeze point of water
- Effective in diesel fuels and biodiesel blends
- Meets low sulfur requirement of less than 15 PPM sulfur

Normally used at 370 PPM (one gallon treats 2,700 gallons of diesel fuel; for emergencies, use one quart to 100 gallons of diesel fuel), depending on the fuel and desired performance levels.


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