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Plug Patch Repair Kit Art. # 187941101

Plug Patch Repair Kit
Art. # 187941101

Plug Patches

Würth multi-directional rubber reinforced plug patches can be applied on any repairable area of a radial or bias-ply tire (tread, shoulder or sidewall). We also offer universal patches with black vulcanizing gum on blue poly backing.

Plug Patch Repair Kit

Our sturdy, compact Plug Patch Repair Kit includes a 20” toolbox, Plug Patch Cement, a Patch Stitcher, a Hand Buffer, 5 Plug Patches 3/16” & 5/16” and a Reamer.

Lead Wire Combination Units

Designed for use in passenger, truck, radial or bias-ply tires, Lead-Wire Combination Units require no special wire pulling tools. Both the stem and the repair unit are gum coated to provide the most secure bond.

Brown& Black Rope Plugs

Brown and Black Rope Plugs can be used in passenger, truck, radial or bias-ply tires and allow easy insertion through steel belted radials. Sealing by compression only, these rope plugs are designed for temporary repairs.

We also carry chrome handle and pistol grip plug insert tools.

Fiber Seal Plugs

Our Fiber Seal Plugs are designed to allow easy insertion through steel-belted radial tires.

Unlike competitive products that are fabric throughout, Fiber Seal Plugs have a large amount of rubber coating to allow the insert to conform to the injury.

Wheel Hub Cleaning Tool

Wheel Hub Cleaning Tool

Designed to clean rust from the base of threaded studs, this wheel hub cleaning tool is constructed of high-strength material for quick rust removal and a long life.