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Domestic Fuel Injection Clamps

We have an extensive inventory of hose clamps in both U.S. and metric diameters, including Standard Hose Clamps, Solid Band Hose Clamps, ABA Clamps, Norma Hose and Pip Clamps, Serflex Clamps, Gemie Clamps, Fuel Injection Clamps, Stepless 2 Ear Clamps, Crimp Clamps, and CV Boot Clamps.

ABA Clamps

Our ABA Clamps are designed with narrow, non-perforated bands with rolled up edges to eliminate hose damage while increasing clamping force.

Crimp Clamps

Our easy to apply crimp clamps have a minimal height and a small clamping range for precise installation in extremely tight spaces.

CV Boot Clamps

Our OEM-style CV Boot Clamps are designed with notches to allow closing of the clamp prior to crimping.

Lined All 316 Stainless Steel Marine Grade Hose Clamps

These clamps are specifically designed for use with silicone, rubber and other soft hose applications and are available in many sizes. The liner protects the hose surface and prevents extruding or shearing as the band is tightened.

Norma Hose Clamps

These zinc-plated clamps have an anti-pinch liner and are designed for connections with high and even contact pressure.

Domestic Hose Clamp Assortment Art #1547130

Domestic Hose Clamp Assortment
Art #1547130

Pipe and Bracket Multifix Clamps

These fastening clamps with reinforced tabs and rubber profiles are excellent retainers and fasteners for pipes, cables, cable harnesses, protective pipes, hoses, vehicle bodies, beams, assemblies, and machines.

Standard Domestic Hose Clamps

Standard Domestic Hose Clamps are precision engineered for use in emission control, fuel line, vacuum hose and other small hose applications. Their slim 5/16” band and low-profile housing makes them easy to install in confined areas.

Serflex Clamps

WURTH Serflex Clamps are desigend for minimally-stressed hoses in tight quarters.

Stepless Ear Clamps

Our Stepless Ear Clamps have an assured clamping seal and are designed for silicone, vinyl, polyurethane and other high-tech materials. The smooth inner band circumference prevents damage to the hose while the unique tongue-in-groove provides a 360˚ seal after installation.

Torro Clamps

Torro Clamps are an economical solution for stainless steel non-perforated band clamps. They feature a non-perforated band, rolled-up edges and a 7 mm hex head screw.

Zebra Clamp Rack Assortment Art# 05391207

Zebra Clamp Rack Assortment
Art# 05391207

Zebra “Power” Clamps

Würth Zebra Power Clamps have a higher tightening torque than conventional hose clamps and can not be over-turned by hand.

The Würth Zebra Clamp Rack Assortment includes 120 clamps in our most popular sizes and a 7 mm screwdriver with a flexible shaft.

Zebra Hose Clamps

Würth Zebra Hose Clamps feature an “outrigger” support that prevents tilting when tightening. Their smooth band is embossed and includes raised edges to prevent hose damage.