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Flex Sanders


  • Soft rounded edges virtually eliminate gouging
  • Tapered edges for sanding hard-to-access areas
  • 6 blocks of 3 different densities vary in firmness while soft enough to be compressed into places that are hard to sand
  • Super lightweight and designed for comfort no matter how they are held
  • Extremely durable & resistant to most solvents
  • Blocks will maintain curvature until sandpaper is removed
  • 8” and 11” blocks sand large curved (high crowns) areas with ease, blocks conform to the surface being sanded

Super Flex Sandpaper

Cloth Sandpaper (Adhesive Backed)

  • Specially formulated adhesive, cloth-backed sandpaper that has been pre-flexed, enables you to sand even the most demanding contours
  • Super flexible J-weight sandpaper is extremely pliable - will not tear while being applied
  • Does not load up and lasts five times longer than ordinary sandpaper

Wet-Dry Sandpaper (Adhesive Backed)

  • Sandpaper adheres while submerged in water
  • Soft and flexible
  • Does not load up
  • Outlasts others by four times
Flex Sanders Video

Designed for use with our adhesive-backed sandpaper, Würth Flex Sanders conform to almost any shape, making it easy to sand difficult contours.

Watch our video to see this inventive product at work!