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Tri-Code H.S. Key Machine
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Tricode H.S. Key Machine

- The Tri-Code H.S. is an electronic key machine specifically designed to be used by the automotive dealers and locksmiths to cut -laser style- high security keys by code number or duplication. Fast, easy to operate, the Tri-Code H.S. delivers consistent, dependable results!
- Simple to operate, this machine eliminates the guesswork and effort associated with cutting -laser type- automotive keys. In addition to providing -factory perfect- results when originating a key, the Tri-Code H.S. also excels when simply duplicating a key.
- Automatically Compensates for worn cuts when duplicating a key. If key wear is detected on the pattern (original) key, the machine automatically corrects it, producing a duplicate that is cut to original factory specifications with tolerances of +/- .001 in.
- Fast, Easy-To-Operate
- Electronically controlled operations
- Internal Database contains key codes and cut specifications for popular automotive -Laser Key Applications-
- Fully equipped, ready to cut keys
- 3 Year Factory Warranty from date of purchase

The Tri-Code H.S. Key Machine comes with a 3 year warranty against factory defects only. This warranty does not cover the vices or the cutting wheel.

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