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Multi Fix Lubricant aerosol can
Article Number:0893055453 SDS
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Multi-Fix Lubricant


Penetrates and lubricates all surfaces including aluminum, nylon and rubber, without pitting by creating a corrosion resistant barrier and forming an ultra- thin, non-drying, anti-static film. It provides superior resistance to wear and protection at higher loads than comparable products, prolonging the life of your valuable equipment.


  • High Flash Point 275 degrees F, twice that of aerosol spray lubricants
  • High Dielectric Rating 35,000 volt/Mil. per ASTMD 877 (making it safe around electrical panels, circuit boards, fuse boxes)
  • Will not attract dust or contaminants
  • Eliminates sticking, binding and squeaking
  • Displaces moisture and prevents corrosion
  • Certified non-toxic, meets the California Section 01350 specifications for indoor air quality, based on California OEHHA Chronic Reference Exposure Limits for airborne pollutants
  • Certified for incidental food contact, NSF Registration #149646, Category Code H1


Performance Characteristics:

Wurth Multi-Fix Lubricant Competitor
ASTM D-93 Flash Point 275°F 110°F
ASTM D-4172 Four Ball Wear Test (lower is better) 0.69 mm 1.02 mm
ASTM D-3233 Extreme pressure properties, true load falex pin & vee block test (higher is better) 1.445 lb 750 lb
ASTM-877 Dielectric strength 35 KV/m 26.4 KV/m
ASTM D-665a Rust prevention test: (Fresh water) (Salt water) Pass, corrosion covers < 5.0% Pass, corrosion covers < 5.0% ---
ISO 4406 Cleanliness code ISO grade 22 ---
ASTM D-445 Viscosity, kinematics @ 40°C Viscosity, kinematics @ 100°C 21.50 cSt. 4.48 cSt. ---
ASTM D-2440 Oxidation stability: 72 hours neutilization value, mg KOH/g 0.07 ---

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