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Food Safe Multi Purpose Grease Tube III
Article Number:0893107002 SDS
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Multi-Purpose Grease III


Soap Base: Anorganic
Color: Transparent
NLGI Class (DIN ):2
Temp. Rating: -4?F to +402?F
Basic Oil Viscosity @ 104?F: 100 mm2/s
Drop Point (DIN ISO): None
Worked Penetration (DIN ISO 2137): 285
Corrosion Protection (SKF Emcor-Test, DIN 51802): 0
VKA Welding Load (DIN 51350): 1,800 N
Designation to DIN 51502: KP2N-20

Physiologically safe, colorless grease with multi-functional additive combination

- Good adhesion properties
- Stable against working and B457oxidation resistant
- Support the quality of the seal
- Dust and water-repellent
- Resin, acid and silicone free

For the lubrication and care of machines, plain bearings and anti-friction bearings, for long-term lubrication in wet rooms and areas.

- Especially user-friendly and safe handling
- Improved workplace safety and health protection

Greases are delivered in plastic cartridges! The plastic cartidges improve storage (they prevent the grease from oozing out in high temperature conditions). Store cartridges upright in a cool, dry place!


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